Adjustment and operation requirements of Cnc Faucet Making Machine


The stroke adjustment of the fully Cnc Faucet Making Machine is simple, the automatic reversing device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, and the shallow hole and low processing parts with holes can also be easily adjusted. The double safety device can prevent the damage of the screw tapping. The knife is specially equipped with double safety clutches, the main shaft can be stopped automatically, and the tool will not be damaged when the tool is reversed and retracted.

The tooth pitch A and B gears cooperate with the A, B rotating shaft and the main shaft according to the tooth pitch. At the same time, depending on the quality of the processed items, it will not cause threads of different thicknesses, and it can also tap perfect threads for thin plates, light alloy metals, synthetic resins and other soft products. At the same time, it can also be equipped with a multi-axis device for multi-axis simultaneous processing, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

The operator's hands are free to leave the machine. Can be used for high-speed continuous cycle operation, durable. Beginners can also operate smoothly. High-precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple. The double safety clutch device can prevent the breakage of the wire tapping. The cooperation of multi-axis taps can produce high-efficiency work.

To ensure the tapping accuracy of the Cnc Faucet Making Machine:

A. Straight, stable, accurate and stable: the precision is appropriately high, the screw tap can work freely without any effort when advancing and retreating, and the production of excellent processed objects will not form threads of different thicknesses. It can also make perfect threads for punching products of thin plates or soft products such as light alloys and synthetic resins. There is absolutely no unstable quality or bad phenomenon.

B. The processed items will not jump up when theCnc Faucet Making Machine is processing: it is conveyed by the reversed spindle, and the processed objects are not pressed by hand, and the processed objects will not jump up at the same time.

C. The operation is simple and the work efficiency is promoted: Since the processed items do not jump up, the highest work efficiency can be exerted without the simple equipment that suppresses the processed items.