Improve the utilization rate of Cnc Faucet Making Machine


Companies looking to increase their Cnc Faucet Making Machine utilization often do so for the following reasons:

Increase the output of each Cnc Faucet Making Machine - higher output means greater profit.

To reduce manufacturing costs – Lowering costs means a company can offer lower prices, thereby increasing its competitiveness.

Free people to perform other tasks – when machines are completing production faster, employees can continue to perform new tasks.

For these reasons, always look for ways to increase machine and personnel utilization. But, of course, this has to be done in a safe way. Efficiency-related improvements must not violate safety priorities:

Personal Safety – Do not endanger personal safety.

Machine Safety – Eliminate the root causes of machine crashes and practices that place unnecessary stress on machines.

Workpiece Safety – Do good parts.

1. Eliminate mistakes

Errors are often the single biggest cause of unsafe conditions and are a symptom of inadequate operator training. These errors come in many forms, from the wrong workpiece or cutting tool to running the wrong program to wrong sizing. The product of these errors is usually a machine crash.

A breakdown of the Cnc Faucet Making Machine can lead to scrapped workpieces, damaged cutting tools, damage to the Cnc Faucet Making Machine and even operator injury. Therefore, eliminating bugs that cause crashes will provide a safer work environment. Considering the time it takes to get the machine up and running again after a crash, eliminating the bug that caused the crash may be the best way to increase the utilization of your Cnc Faucet Making Machine.

There are two ways to reduce operator error:

Provide targeted training – improve the skill level of operators so they can perform more complex tasks. For example, helping operators understand which cutting tool is machining each key workpiece attribute and how to determine tool-related offsets so they can determine what must change when sizing.

Simplify the tasks they perform – reduce the skill level required to perform the tasks. For example, color-code machined surfaces on a process map to show which offset is associated with each machined surface.

In either case, you can improve shop floor safety as your operators become more capable and start eliminating errors.

2. A well-organized workspace

During installation and production. Cnc Faucet Making Machines are usually idle while waiting for someone to come back and do something. While machine operators may have valid reasons to leave their machines from time to time, absenteeism is often the cause of preparation and organization. Here are some suggestions:

Make sure you have all the hand tools you need to run your Cnc Faucet Making Machine in the work area. People who leave the machine have no excuses.

Make sure each job is done with all the components needed to complete the setup and production run, including fixtures, tool holders, and perishables (enough to complete the production run). During installation or production, one does not have to collect components.

Make sure you have all the necessary gages for each job. Likewise, people waste a lot of time on the shop floor searching for gauges to measure workpieces.