Analysis of multi-axis drilling and tapping machine


The multi-axis drilling and tapping machine is a special machine tailored for customers to process workpieces. According to the customer's processing technology, it can be equipped with a drilling power head or a tapping power head. To solve the problem that a workpiece needs to be processed on multiple sides in the mechanical drilling processing industry, the multi-axis drilling and tapping machine greatly saves time for processing, has high efficiency, and reduces the drilling cost for enterprises to a minimum. It is widely used in workpieces requiring multi-axis drilling and tapping operations.

The multi-axis drilling and tapping machine adopts hydraulic automatic feeding. The main shaft system adopts the same principle structure as the power head. The hydraulic pressure directly pushes the spindle to perform the up and down feeding movement. Compared with the traditional hydraulic table, the multi-axis drilling and tapping machine The indirect push of the drill through the oil cylinder has large transmission torque and accurate transmission. The equipment has fast-forward, work-forward, and fast-rewind, and the work-forward speed can be adjusted steplessly. The hydraulic system adopts the variable variable vane pump of Taiwan brand, which has stable operation, low noise and low temperature rise. Cutting fluid is automatically supplied during machining.

The spindle of the automatic tapping machine is the benchmark for clamping the workpiece or tool, and transmits motion and power to the workpiece or tool. The spindle rotation error will directly affect the accuracy of the workpiece to be processed. Spindle rotation error of multi-axis drilling and tapping machine refers to the variation of the actual rotation axis of the spindle relative to its average rotation axis at each instant. It can be decomposed into three basic forms: radial circular runout, axial play and angle swing.

The main reasons for the radial rotation error of the main shaft of the multi-axis drilling and tapping machine are: the coaxiality error of several journals of the main shaft, various errors of the bearing itself, the coaxiality error between the bearings, and the winding of the main shaft. However, their influence on the radial rotation accuracy of the spindle varies with different processing methods.