Performance characteristics and technical parameters of porous in-mold tapping machine


My country's mold industry is in a stage of rapid development, and the development level of mold industry has gradually become an important symbol to measure the level of manufacturing. The main reason is that as many as 60%-90% of modern industrial products are formed by molds, especially in the fields of automobiles, electronics and electrical appliances. And the production of mold forming has the advantages of high precision, high complexity, high uniformity and high efficiency that other processing methods cannot match. Although my country's mold industry has maintained a good growth trend, the high-end market of my country's molds must rely on imports, especially for some large-scale automobile panel molds, some molds that require ultra-high precision, and multi-functional composite molds. The in-mold tapping technology is a kind of multi-functional composite mold. Because the in-mold tapping effectively avoids the secondary operation, improves the work efficiency, and completely changes the processing technology of metal stamping parts. These molds with high technology content It has become the main development direction of the domestic mold industry.

Porous type in-mold tapping machine is suitable for tapping processing materials

Generally speaking, materials with good plasticity, such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum clad plate, brass plate, red copper plate, etc., can be processed by this in-mold tapping method.

Application of in-mold tapping machine

1. Electronic and electrical processing, electrical accessories processing, electrical and electronic connectors, electrical switching components, electrical and electronic industries.

2. Various chassis processing, computer accessories, computer industry.

3. Auto parts, motor housings, automotive industry. Motorcycle accessories industry.

4. Metal stamping dies, metal stamping parts, automobile molds, electrical molds, electronic component molds, metal stamping, computer molds, etc.

5. Air conditioners, refrigerators, shells, and other stamping products that require tapping can be realized.