Tapping skills and methods of Cnc Tapping Machine


The multi-hole in-mold tapping machine can process several or even a dozen or twenty holes or threads at a time. If equipped with hydraulic or numerical control device, it can automatically fast forward, work forward (work backward), fast reverse, and stop. Both cost and efficiency are better than machining centers. The Cnc Tapping Machine can tap 2-25 holes at the same time, and the improvement efficiency is extremely high.

Cnc Tapping Machines are widely used in the drilling and tapping of porous parts in the machinery industry. Such as automobile and motorcycle porous parts: engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drum, brake disc, steering gear, wheel hub, differential shell, axle head, half shaft, axle, etc., pumps, valves, Hydraulic components, solar accessories and more.The adjustable Cnc Tapping Machine can be adjusted arbitrarily in its processing range, the number of main shafts and the distance between the main shafts, one feeding Process several holes at the same time. When it works with the hydraulic machine tool, it can automatically perform fast forward, work forward (work back), fast reverse, and stop. Compared with single-axis drilling (tapping), the workpiece has high machining accuracy and fast work efficiency, which can effectively save investors. human, material and financial resources. In particular, the automation of the machine tool greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The fixed Cnc Tapping Machine adopts the design of a single-piece (processed piece) special machine. According to the reasons for the high processing frequency and large volume of its processing parts, it is specially tailored for one piece of equipment, which is not required in its work. Worrying about the size deviation is annoying. In addition to the use of conventional products, special designs can also be made according to the special requirements of customers.

Cnc Tapping Machine is suitable for car or motorcycle body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, tightening Firmware and other parts processing.

The Cnc Tapping Machine is a kind of internal thread, screw or called on the inner side of the hole of various parts with through holes or blind holes of different specifications, such as machine shells, equipment end faces, nuts, flanges, etc. Mechanical processing equipment for tooth buttons.

Tapping skills of Cnc Tapping Machine

Cnc Tapping Machine: The inner thread is called tapping, and its tool is called a tap. Sleeve button (wire): The production of external thread is the sleeve wire, and the tool: is the wrench. Key points of tapping:

1. The hole of the threaded bottom hole on the workpiece should be chamfered, and both ends of the through-hole thread should be chamfered.

2. The position of the workpiece clamp should be correct, and the center line of the threaded hole should be placed in a horizontal or vertical position as much as possible, so that the tapping can easily judge whether the axis of the tap is perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece.

3. At the beginning of tapping, try to put the tap as straight as possible, then apply pressure to the tap and turn the twister. When cutting in 1-2 turns, carefully check and correct the position of the tap. Generally, when cutting into 3-4 turns of thread, the tap position should be correct. Afterwards, you only need to turn the wringer, and you should not put pressure on the tap, otherwise the thread profile will be damaged.

4. When tapping, every time you turn the winch 1/2-1 turn, it should be reversed about 1/2 turn, so that the chips can be easily discharged after being broken, and the phenomenon that the tap is rolled by the cutting edge due to sticky chips can be reduced.

5. When tapping the unreachable screw hole, the tap should be withdrawn frequently to remove the chips in the hole.

6. When tapping the screw holes of plastic materials, lubricating coolant should be added. For steel materials, generally, high-concentration or high-concentration emulsions can be used, such as rapeseed oil or molybdenum disulfide. For stainless steel, use No. 30 motor oil or vulcanized oil.

7. When changing to the next tap in the tapping process, screw it into the tapped and thread by hand first, and then turn it with a twister when it can no longer be screwed in. When the end cone is finished tapping and exiting, it is also necessary to avoid rapidly turning the wringer, and it is better to unscrew it by hand to ensure that the quality of the tapped thread is not affected.

8. When tapping, the tap and the screw hole should be kept coaxial.

9. When tapping, the calibration part of the tap can not all come out, otherwise there will be random teeth when the tap is withdrawn from the reverse.

10. The cutting speed during machine attack is generally 6-15 m/min for steel; 5-10 m/min for quenched and tempered steel or harder steel; 2-7 m/min for stainless steel; 8-8 for cast iron 10 m/min. For the same material, the smaller the tap diameter takes the higher value, and the larger the tap diameter takes the lower value.