How to clean the bearings of the Faucet making machine


Faucet making machine is a mechanical processing equipment used to process internal threads and screws from holes of different specifications of nuts, mechanical housings, flanges, etc.

According to the Faucet making machine, it can be divided into single-axis tapping machine, two-axis tapping machine, multi-axis tapping machine, etc.; according to the different processing parts, it can be divided into round nut tapping machine and anti-theft nut tapping machine Etc.; According to the different driving methods, it can be divided into manual tapping machine, Faucet making machine, hydraulic tapping machine and so on.

Faucet making machine has the advantages of reasonable structure design, simple and easy to use, high production efficiency, high precision of processed products, and maintenance-free.

In order to improve the service life of mechanical equipment, the daily maintenance of the Faucet making machine is very important. The bearings of the tapping machine are very important parts. When assembling precision bearings, pay attention to the hands. Because the hands that are dry, and take them out of the original packaging. After that, it must be sealed immediately. Precision bearings need to be cleaned before assembly. When cleaning, pay attention to the cleaning agent to avoid compatibility with aluminum parts, but greased precision bearings do not need to be cleaned. The cleaning agent is generally acid, alkali, organic solvent, etc. The cleaning instructions of the bearing must be strictly followed to avoid danger.

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