How to choose the right automatic tapping machine


     In order to meet the requirements of tapping in different situations, there are a variety of models of automatic tapping machines to choose from. These models can get more benefits when choosing, so sufficient attention must be paid to their advantages. It will also be in place, and its reliability performance will be in place, so it needs to be taken seriously.

     From the thread quality of the automatic tapping machine, the thread quality of the automatic tapping machine is very different. A good automatic tapping machine has good overall rigidity and the concentricity of the tapping spindle head. High, the motor speed is stable, and the tap will not swing, expand the inner hole, and the thread sharpness is not enough during the process of tapping. There will be no thread tapping. The thread tapped by a good automatic tapping machine has high concentricity, good thread verticality and high tooth surface smoothness. Compatible tapping equipment will also be expensive. If the value of the workpiece is not high, it is not recommended to buy this fully automatic tapping machine.

It is divided from the inclined or horizontal tapping method. Due to the design of the inclined automatic tapping machine, there is a lot of space at the bottom of the fixture. After the tap is finished tapping, a large amount of iron filings will be generated. Because the chip removal space at the bottom is large enough, the inclined automatic tapping machine is not easy to jam. For horizontal automatic tapping machines, due to design reasons, the bottom position of the fixture is limited. When tapping through holes, there is no place for iron filings to be discharged, which is easy to cause chip jams. Horizontal automatic tapping machine has a higher advantage when tapping blind hole workpieces.

We have some other issues to consider when we buy a fully automatic tapping machine. Such as thread finish, verticality, tapping efficiency, equipment performance stability, price and so on.