Six measures to extend the service life of tapping machines?


In some nut manufacturers, tapping machines are often required. Usually, this kind of mechanical equipment is very convenient to use, it is a fully automatic and very operating application in this industry. It is always worthy of our attention. When using machinery, cleaning and maintenance are crucial and very important. The service life can only be extended during cleaning and maintenance. So how should you clean and maintain the tapping machine to effectively extend the service life of the tapping machine? The editor of the tapping machine will introduce you to six measures to extend the service life of the tapping machine.

1. To provide heat dissipation oil (needle valve oil or special oil for pneumatic parts) to the motor, you need to pay attention to the amount of water for a few minutes, about five drops per minute.

2. Using touch is also the key. Some factories need to save money. The cork is for wearing only. The faucet can be replaced in time. The loss of the machine is not much.

3. There must be something in the tap oil, otherwise the wear and damage of the tap will be higher, and ordinary oil can not be used instead of tap oil, please use some special cutting oil.

4. The support should be parallel and vertical. It should be noted that the verticality of the fixture must be known, because the non-vertical orientation of the fastener will corrode the teeth and damage the tap.

5. The adjustment method of anti-torque chuck The chuck is a destructive product. You need to know how to adjust the torque within a certain period of time so that it can easily touch the teeth without damaging the tap.

6. Clean the air motor. Because the air is very hot, the humidity in the compressed air will increase a lot. Therefore, the air compressor should clean the air motor when using water first.

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