The difference between servo automatic tapping machine and automatic tapping machine?


    Due to the continuous development of industry, the competition in the tapping machine market has been increasing. Now the types of tapping machines have been innovating with the fierce competition. Now there is a servo automatic tapping machine on the market. What is the difference between the automatic tapping machine and the automatic tapping machine? Do you understand? Now the editor will introduce to you:

    1. On the basis of the automatic tapping machine, a set of servo motors and drive systems are added. The performance is more outstanding than that of the automatic tapping machine, and it can process products.

    2. Servo automatic tapping machine can be processed, automatic tapping machine is difficult to process on the servo automatic tapping machine or can be processed arbitrarily.

    3.The servo automatic tapping machine adopts a servo motor system, and the tapping speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

    4.It has an absolute advantage in processing threads of different sizes, and it can also feed in sections when processing ultra-deep hole threads.

    5.Because there are many iron filings when processing deep hole threads, some iron filings are all blocked at the bottom of the well, which has a great impact on the tapping of the tap.

    6.The possibility of breaking the tap and corroding the teeth during deep hole thread tapping is much higher than that of shallow holes, which is mainly caused by the failure of iron filings.

    Servo automatic tapping machine can solve the chip removal problem of tapping at this time.

For shallow holes, the servo automatic tapping machine can be set as a single-stage tapping machine, which is as efficient as the automatic tapping machine, but the cost of the servo automatic tapping machine is higher than that of the automatic tapping machine.

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