Pneumatic tapping machine is suitable for various machinery manufacturing industries


Pneumatic tapping machine is more suitable for various machinery manufacturing industries.

Pneumatic tapping machine is a mechanical device developed by using high-pressure air to drive a pneumatic motor. The motor of the pneumatic tapping machine uses a compact vane type pneumatic motor, and the maximum speed can reach more than 10,000 revolutions per minute. Through the reduction mechanism, the large torque output function can be realized.

Features of the new pneumatic tapping machine: lightness, flexibility, high efficiency and the advantages of replacing other similar equipment. The new pneumatic tapping machine avoids the limitations of lathes, drilling machines or manual tapping, saving time and energy. Pneumatic tapping machines are suitable for various machinery manufacturing industries, machine tools, mold (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery factories, engineering machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, aviation engines, locomotives, tobacco machinery and general machinery, etc. .

Pneumatic tapping machine pneumatic motor mechanical arm, the maximum working radius is about 2000 mm, which can realize the largest workpiece and multiple repetitive positioning of workpiece holes, improve work efficiency, and replace manual tapping. The pneumatic motor can also be equipped with a safe torsion protection device, which can continuously improve the quality of the processed workpiece.

Drilling machines are widely used in hardware, parts processing, die-casting and other processing industries.

Drilling machines are widely used in hardware, parts processing, die-casting and other processing industries, and they have gradually become popular in our daily lives. No matter how good the quality of machinery and equipment is, just like people need rest and maintenance, in order to extend the service life, reduce the investment in costs, and make more profits. When the power unit of the drilling machine works normally, turn on the switch of the compressor. At this time, the compressor starts to supply air to the air reservoir. You can see on the pressure gauge at the top of the air reservoir whether the compressor and cylinder are working properly. When the pressure in the cylinder reaches a certain level, the control handle can be used to control the drilling rig to start working. The maximum pressure in the cylinder can be preset and adjustable.

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