What fields can the automatic drilling and tapping machine be applied to?


What fields are the automatic drilling and tapping machines generally used for? The automatic drilling and tapping machine is suitable for the body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, etc. of automobiles or motorcycles. Fasteners and other parts processing.

The following are the advantages of the automatic tapping machine:

        1. Fully automatic drilling/tapping, one person can take care of multiple machines.

2. According to the non-standard customization of the product, it can realize the automatic feeding and processing of the product, and the product can be designed to drill and tap multiple holes at a time according to the product, so as to save labor and improve product consistency.

3. The drill/tap tapping life can be set, which is convenient to control the unqualified holes and threads caused by the wear of the drill/tap.

4. PLC control, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

5. Intelligent control, automatic alarm in case of material shortage, feeding and other faults, and display the fault location, which is convenient for machine management and maintenance.

6. Suitable for drilling and tapping of most small products.

  Reasonable design concepts, precise parts processing, and strict on-site inspection make the machine more stable and durable. Choosing a good partner manufacturer is very important.

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