Four advantages of Yueli tapping machine


The Yueli tapping machine can be operated continuously at high speed, strong and durable, and even beginners can operate it smoothly. Today, the editor of Yueli tapping machine manufacturer will explain the four advantages of the tapping machine.

1. Simple adjustment of high-precision tapping stroke:

The automatic reversal device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, and the shallow hole and hole bottom processing objects can also be easily adjusted.

2. The double safety device can prevent the damage of the screw tap:

3. The multi-axis tapping device can produce high-efficiency operations:

Multi-axis tapping device can be installed, and the production efficiency is high.

4. It can do long-term high-speed continuous cycle operation, and beginners can also operate smoothly:

Single-action continuous operation is automatic cycle operation, the operator's two hands can completely leave the machine, as long as it is to supply processed items, the efficiency of the beginner and the skilled person is the same.

   The tapping machine produced by Yueli automation equipment has been widely used in hardware production and processing. It has changed the traditional manual operation, which was complicated, slow, poor quality, and inefficient. The production capacity has been greatly increased.