How to improve the tapping efficiency of multi-axis tapping machine?


The multi-axis tapping machine is a machine tool that uses a multi-axis device to tap 2-18 holes at the same time. It is one of the best equipments to improve work efficiency and save production cost .

During the processing of the multi-axis tapping machine, it is inevitable that there will be some deviations in the drawings of the objects produced. But it is very important to control the processing quality, the smaller the deviation, the more precise the pattern will be. The following is a detailed introduction to how to improve the processing quality of the automatic tapping machine when it is working.

In the process of machining, the process system will produce various errors, and then change the mutual orientation of the tool and the workpiece in the cutting motion, which will affect the machining accuracy of the parts. These faults are related to the layout of the process system and the cutting process. The main reasons for the faults are:

The geometric errors of the process system: including the principle errors of the layout method, the geometric errors of the machine tool, the adjustment errors, the manufacturing errors of the tools and fixtures, the equipment errors of the workpiece and the errors caused by the wear of the process system; errors caused by the force and deformation of the process system ; The fault caused by the thermal deformation of the process system; The fault caused by the internal stress of the workpiece.

1. Strictly abide by the operating procedures and daily maintenance system;

2. Avoid dust from entering the CNC equipment: floating dust and metal powder can easily cause the insulation resistance of components to drop, resulting in failure or even damage to components;

3. Protection of spare circuit boards;

4. Protection when the numerical control system is not applicable for a long time: often power on the numerical control system or carry out the warm-up program of the drilling machine;

5. Regularly replace the storage battery;

6. Regularly clean the cooling and ventilation system of the CNC cabinet;

7. Always supervise the grid voltage of the numerical control system.

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