Precautions after the Core Shooting Machine is started


The core shooter uses compressed air to shoot core sand into the core box at a speed of several meters per second, and then compresses the air. It is a core making machine that compacts the core sand to form a sand core under the combined action of kinetic energy and core sand pressure difference. What should be paid attention to when restarting the core shooter after shutdown?

1. If there are abnormal noises, odors and other abnormal phenomena in each part of the core shooter during operation, it should stop running immediately. After inspection and adjustment, perform a manual idle test run.

2. After the core shooter is working, stop in the original position, and then cut off the power and gas source.

3. Personnel who have not received core shooting machine operation training shall not operate the equipment.

4. Before automatic operation, the core shooter is manually idling.

5. Before starting the core shooter, check whether the moving parts have guide rails and whether non-equipment operators are close. Do not place tools and other debris on the device.

6. Do not touch moving parts and electrical parts when the core shooting machine is running.

7. When the running equipment suddenly stops working due to the interruption of the external power supply, the power switch of the equipment should be cut off to avoid danger from another power call.

8. In the maintenance, inspection, adjustment and cleaning of the core shooter. Cut off main power and compressed air main valve.

9. After maintenance, inspection and adjustment, the solenoid valve may not be able to return to its original state. Pay attention to observation after power-on and ventilation to avoid danger caused by accidental action.

The above are the precautions after the core shooting machine is started. Before turning on the core shooting machine, you should first check the power supply to avoid personal injury caused by leakage. The second is to check whether there is any abnormality in each component. Finally, it is more important. The staff who operate the core shooting machine must It is professional, do not operate at will.