Buying polishing machine equipment depends on the quality


At present, there are more and more manufacturers of polishing machines. Except for the different brands of polishing machines, most of the polishing machines have similar appearances. From the appearance, it is impossible to tell which one is of better quality and which is worse. The most important thing in polishing machines is the motor, especially the motor. In summer, if the heat dissipation of the motor is not good, the polishing machine is prone to failure, and the motor will be burned in serious cases. It can be seen that the price of the polishing machine is one aspect, and the important thing is the quality of the polishing machine.

The structure of the polishing machine is the bracket of the polishing machine; the service life of the machine is as little as a few years or more than a few decades, and the machine does not need to be used for a certain period of time, so the external quality of the polishing machine is also very particular;

When you buy a polishing machine, don’t just care about the price. What we need to care about is the quality. The quality is good and the service life is long. If you spend a higher price, you can use it for many years. Compared with a lower price, which often breaks down, how would you choose?

When buying a polishing machine, pay attention to the following elements:

1. Look at the brand of polishing machine

Now the polishing machine manufacturers are mixed, and there are even dealers and traders in the melee, and the quality of the products varies. Under the premise of guaranteeing preferential quotations, the durability and quality of products of good brands and after-sales are guaranteed.

2. Look at the demand

You must first understand what the polishing machine is used for. There are many types of domestic polishing machines, such as mold polishing machines, glass polishing machines, etc. Different types of polishing machines are suitable for different jobs. Just understand your own needs first, and choose products according to your needs.

3. Look after sales

Aftermarket effectiveness is an important aspect of checking the promise of a brand. Many buyers suffer from the embarrassment of lag or lack of after-sales performance when the machine is faulty. In order to alleviate this embarrassing situation, the machine tool factory store has launched an exclusive customer service tracking function, which is fully responsible from the purchase order to the success of the business, and then to the post-sale tracking, so as to protect the rights and interests of the purchaser.

4. Look at the quotation of polishing machine

The quotation here is not the quotation of the polishing machine itself, but the quotation after adding all the additional costs. The more important problem faced by off-site purchases is the problem of logistics and transportation cost control.