What are the main characteristics of the polishing machine?


Polishing machine manufacturers tell you that at present, with the rapid development of all walks of life, polishing machine equipment is needed in more and more fields. Polishing machine also plays a very important role and occupies a very significant dominant position. So, what are the main characteristics of the polishing machine? Today, I will introduce it to you in detail:

The main components are: the main motor drive mechanism, the pulley system that drives the rotating body to rotate, the disc reversing rotating body that performs planetary transmission, the drum, the sprocket system that drives the drum to rotate, and the sprocket reducer that controls the rotation of the drum and unloading. Machine negotiation and manipulation control system, etc.

Important working principle: Four hexagonal drums are installed at equal intervals on the circumference of the rotating body. On the one hand, the drum revolves with the rotating body. On the other hand, under the action of the sprocket system, the polishing machine drum revolves around its own axis line. Hold the rotation (turn in the opposite direction).

The outstanding features of the polishing machine are as follows:

1. Using the principle of planetary rotation and centrifugal movement, the parts and polishing abrasives are mutually ground and polished in the course of revolution and rotation;

2. It is suitable for small and medium-sized parts in batches, especially for workpieces with special-shaped cavities and heat-treated workpieces, which improves work efficiency by 10 to 20 times;

3. The hexagonal barrel is lined with rubber or polyurethane (PU), driven by a synchronous belt, with stable operation and low noise;

4. The built-in four hexagonal barrels are horizontally arranged, and the polyurethane inner barrel can be replaced, and the drum set can be replaced, which does not affect the working time of the host;

5. The volume of things in each drum (workpiece, grinding stone, water, etc.) should not exceed 45% to 55% of the drum volume;

6. The ratio of the workpiece to the grinding stone is usually 1:1 to 1:5, and it is 1:10 when the polishing machine is finely ground. The detailed workpiece should be determined after testing;

7. In principle, the standard working time of one time is about 1 hour. If it is necessary to continue the working, it should be based on the temperature of the heat-resistant boundary of the inner lining of the drum not exceeding 80 °C, and the water and abrasive should be changed every 1 hour or so before continuing. Do homework.

It is precisely because the polishing machine equipment has the above advantages that it is widely used in many fields and attracts people's attention.