Choose the power head of the Faucet making machine carefully


 The power head of the Faucet making machine is a relatively simple variable speed transmission mechanism with various forms. The basic principle is that the motor drives a gear transmission mechanism, which can realize functions such as boring, milling, and drilling. straight-line motion, cannot move. Simple processing can be completed, and the general accuracy is not high.

1. Since the tool feed and rotation are synchronized, very thin or very soft materials can also be efficiently machined,

2. Strong adaptability, can easily adjust the diameter, pitch and stroke of the processed thread

3. With long stroke and various types of accessories, the single-axis tapping head can be easily replaced with a multi-axis tapping head, which can meet the needs of users for small batch and large-scale production at the same time.

4. Continuously respond to the user's high-speed drilling processing, drilling power head, and wind power base type.

5. The main shaft is rotated by electricity, and the feed and control are performed by compressed air pressure. The drilling device with excellent performance and price ratio can choose the appropriate model from a variety of models according to the processing conditions.

6. The high-precision, high-rigidity drilling device of the base-type structure, the Faucet making machine spindle motor adopts a high-performance, high-power motor, with a wide range of types from low-speed to high-speed.

The faucet making machine belongs to the tapping machine, and the main shaft head of the tapping machine is a power component, which can be drilled and tapped, and can also be equipped with a multi-spindle to improve efficiency. It is the processing of products with high precision requirements, and mass-produced products can be used for automated operations, such as motorcycle parts, auto parts and other parts with high requirements and mass production.