Six key points of tapping with a Cnc Faucet Making Machine


The Cnc Faucet Making Machine is a kind of machine that processes internal threads, screws or buckles on the inner side of the holes of various parts with different specifications of through holes or blind holes, such as the housing, the end face of the equipment, the nut, and the flange. Mechanical processing equipment. Cnc Faucet Making Machine is also called Cnc Faucet Making Machine, thread Cnc Faucet Making Machine, thread Cnc Faucet Making Machine, automatic Cnc Faucet Making Machine, etc.

Cnc Faucet Making Machine is divided into drilling Cnc Faucet Making Machine, reaming Cnc Faucet Making Machine and so on. The automatic Cnc Faucet Making Machine has a high degree of automation. When working, just put the part blank in the hopper to automatically feed, automatically position, automatically clamp, automatically tap, and automatically unload. One worker can operate multiple equipment at the same time. High production efficiency, can significantly save labor costs! Cnc Faucet Making Machine has the characteristics of novel design, reasonable structure, simple and easy to use, high degree of automation, easy to use, high efficiency, maintenance-free, and extremely cost-effective.

Use the Cnc Faucet Making Machine to tap, the key points are:

1, the position of the workpiece clamp of the automatic Cnc Faucet Making Machine should be correct, and the center line of the threaded hole should be placed in a horizontal or vertical position as far as possible, so that it is easy for tapping to judge whether the tap axis is perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece. The hole of the threaded bottom hole on the workpiece should be chamfered, and both ends of the thread of the through hole are chamfered.

2. At the beginning of the tapping, try to position the tap as much as possible, then apply pressure to the tap and turn the twister. When cutting 1-2 turns, carefully check and correct the position of the tap. Generally, when cutting 3-4 turns of thread, the tap position should be correct. In the future, only need to rotate the twister, and no pressure should be applied to the tap, otherwise the thread profile will be damaged.

3, when tapping, the tap and the screw hole should be kept coaxial. The calibrated part of the tap can not be all out, otherwise the teeth will be disordered when the tap is withdrawn from the reverse rotation. For every 1/2-1 turn of the twister, it should be reversed about 1/2 turn, so that the chips can be easily discharged after breaking, and it can reduce the phenomenon that the cutting edge is stuck by the tap due to sticky chips. When tapping a screw hole that is not possible, always withdraw the tap to remove the chips in the hole.

4, when changing to the next tap during the tapping process, first screw in the tapped and thread by hand. When it can no longer screw in, then use the twister to turn it. When the end taper is finished tapping and withdrawing, it is also necessary to avoid turning the wringer quickly, so that it can be unscrewed by hand to ensure that the quality of the tapped thread is not affected.

5. When tapping the screw holes of plastic materials, add lubricating and cooling fluid. For steel materials, rapeseed oil or molybdenum disulfide, etc. are generally used in organic or concentrated emulsions that require higher requirements. For stainless steel, 30# engine oil or vulcanized oil can be used.

6. The cutting speed of the Cnc Faucet Making Machine is 6-15 m/min for general steel; 5-10 m/min for quenched and tempered steel or harder steel; 2-7 m/min for stainless steel; 8-m/min for cast iron 10 meters per minute. For the same material, the smaller tap diameter takes a higher value, and the larger tap diameter takes a lower value.

At present, the foreign automobile industry, electronic appliance industry, construction machinery and other industries have used a large number of Cnc Faucet Making Machine automated production lines to ensure product quality and high production efficiency. At present, typical complete sets of equipment include large-scale car shell stamping automation system technology and complete sets of equipment, large-scale robot car body welding automation system technology and complete sets of equipment, electronic appliances and other robot flexible automation. Complete sets of technology and equipment for chemical assembly and testing, complete sets of equipment for robotic engines, gearbox assembly automation systems, and complete sets of plate laser tailor-welding equipment.

The use of Cnc Faucet Making Machine automation complete sets of equipment will greatly promote the rapid development of its industry and improve its manufacturing technology level. More importantly, the Cnc Faucet Making Machine will promote China's manufacturing industry towards mechanical automation, unmanned, higher value-added, and more innovative manufacturing.