Tapping size determines how to choose a suitable tapping machine


It is very important to choose a suitable tapping machine, which requires high efficiency, beautiful appearance, and continuous taps, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. The Yueli Automation Equipment first depends on the tapping size of the product to decide:

For teeth smaller than M2, use a nut tapping machine with a vibrating disc.

In the category of M3-12, there are many choices. If you want to save cost, you can choose a tapping machine with a table-top drill. The cost is low, but there is no torque protection, the tap is easy to break, and the efficiency is low. If you want to save human resources, you can choose a pneumatic tapping machine, which is highly efficient and can be moved anywhere you want. If they are all of the same product model, you can choose a multi-axis tapping machine, which can tap multiple teeth at one time, but the cost is high and the use is not so convenient.

In the category of M3-24, it is best to choose a pneumatic automatic tapping machine, because it is not tight and the price is suitable, and it can be moved at will. It is very convenient to tap where you want, and the most important thing is that it is also very efficient. A pneumatic tapping machine works for one hour, which can replace the workload of 50 workers for a day, and it is beautiful, efficient, and continuously taps. Therefore, it is best to choose a pneumatic tapping machine in this category.

For the teeth within the M30-150, you should choose a hydraulic tapping machine, because the force is relatively large, in this category, only a hydraulic tapping machine can be selected.

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