4 points to pay attention to when adding a multi-spindle to Faucet Machine Manufacturer


In order to improve work efficiency when processing some products, it is necessary to add a multi-axis device to the automatic Faucet Machine Manufacturer or automatic drilling machine. The number of axes of the multi-axis device can be formulated according to the requirements of the actual processed products. Next, add multi-axis to the machine. The issues that should be paid attention to are summarized as follows:

1. When Faucet Machine Manufacturer or a drilling machine is adding a multi-axis device in tapping or drilling, a fixed rod needs to be added to prevent the multi-axis device from being released and offset during work to ensure stable work and accuracy.

2. When adding a multi-axis device, especially when machining a relatively precise workpiece, a very important point to pay attention to is to first measure whether the verticality of the multi-axis device is sufficient. Many manufacturers ignore this point, and finally lead to the workpiece. Machined but not precise.

3. When purchasing a multi-axis device, first determine the fixture. After determining the size and specification of the fixture, choose a multi-axis device that suits you. The multi-axis device has different specifications. Choosing the appropriate specification can save unnecessary expenses. .

4. Pay attention to the upper and lower chucks of the multi-axis device, do not knock, and use one hand to fix the upper and lower chucks in one direction to avoid damage to the shaft, which will cause the shaft to shake during work and cannot work. This problem Especially for customers who use the multi-axis device for the first time, it is easy to damage the axis due to improper operation.

I hope customers pay more attention to the above problems when using them.