How to improve the drilling quality of Machine Line for Brass Valve


Friends who are familiar with Machine Line for Brass Valves may know that the quality of drilling will seriously affect the tapping quality on the Machine Line for Brass Valve. Accuracy and wire breakage mainly depend on the drilling quality of the fully Machine Line for Brass Valve. So how to improve the drilling quality of Machine Line for Brass Valve? Next, let me explain it to you, I hope it can be helpful to you.

1. Since the position accuracy of the Machine Line for Brass Valve at the beginning of drilling depends to a large extent on the drilling position of the sample, the dynamic test hole position accuracy is converted into a certain degree of penetration accuracy of the sample drilling position. .

2. In order to reduce the dimensional deviation between the visual center of the hole and the ideal position of the Machine Line for Brass Valve, a reference circle or control frame should be drawn for each hole size, and the caliper method should be used for measurement. Perform a visual inspection when drilling to ensure the accuracy of its location.

3. Select a ruler with a high sharpness of the cutter head, so that the slotting machine can make deep groove marks on the processing surface of the hole center line, and use the resistance effect of the groove marks on the hole center line when the punch moves to determine the punch punch. correct location.

4. Due to the methods of file repairing, hole repairing and surface expansion, the method of correcting the deviation of the sample punching position is adopted, which can more effectively reduce the number of reaming and adjust the position of the bottom hole, and shorten the operation and processing time, so that the sample Ready. After perforating the sample, carefully check the position and make any necessary corrections.