What's the matter with the burrs in the production and processing of the automatic tapping machine


If a large number of burrs are found when using the automatic tapping machine, this may directly lead to the scrapping of the product. What is the reason for the burr? There are many reasons for this. It may be the operator's reason, the equipment debugging reason or the material reason. So let's analyze it for you and see the burr. what is going on.

A large number of burrs are generated during the production and processing of automatic tapping machines. It is necessary to take a look at the situation of this burr. Generally speaking, not all burrs are unqualified. To take a look at the machining accuracy, some burrs can be allowed. But if it is detected that there are a large number of unqualified burrs, it is necessary to analyze the reasons. For example, consider whether the chamfering was not handled properly. If the chamfering is not handled properly, further processing may produce certain burrs, and a small amount of burrs can be brushed with a brush specially designed for bristles. If it can't be handled, it means that the burr is very serious, and it is necessary to further analyze the cause.

The automatic tapping machine produces burrs, and then further analyzes the reasons to consider whether there is an error in the selection of the drill bit model. This is usually caused by the carelessness of the operator during operation. It was originally the state of choosing this model, but the staff made the wrong choice and accidentally chose another model of the rotor. If batch processing is being carried out at this time, there is a place dedicated to detecting burrs in the subsequent station, and this situation may be detected. If this is the case, then the follow-up station should promptly notify that there is a problem and cannot continue to reproduce. After receiving such a notification, the employees in the previous production should stop immediately and check whether this error occurred. If there is such a mistake, it is a very serious mistake, and it should be stopped immediately and the drill bit should be replaced quickly, otherwise there may be problems with a batch of production.

In addition to the above reasons for burrs during automatic tapping machine processing, another reason can be considered, that is, whether the position of the workpiece being processed is not aligned. The workpiece to be processed needs to be clamped on a fixture. After tightening, the alignment can be carried out before processing. Otherwise, it is not aligned during processing, and the fixture is not clamped. It is very likely that a lot of burrs will be generated when you turn your head and hit it. These glitches are definitely unqualified.

There are several reasons why the automatic tapping machine may produce burrs, which will be briefly introduced here. Of course there is a low-level error that can also cause a lot of glitches. That is some metal shavings that are produced during processing. In theory, these things should be cleaned up in time. There is a special cleaning process for cleaning. However, in actual operation, these metal scraps were not cleaned up due to ignoring this process. A large amount of metal chips accumulated in it, which then affected the processing, resulting in burrs. If you encounter this kind of problem, you must clean it up in time. In fact, there are requirements for this aspect every day during production in the factory workshop, but some employees may be lazy and fail to pay attention to these details, which will ultimately affect the quality of processed products.