What to check before starting the multi-axis tapping machine


No matter how good the machinery and equipment is, it is inseparable from daily inspection and debugging, especially before starting the operation, it needs to be checked before starting to use, so as to ensure the yield during processing or the safety of processing and processing. accurate. Multi-axis tapping machines also need to be checked before operation. In particular, it should be reminded that when this kind of equipment is turned on, it may sometimes be very fast, and it can reach about 500 rpm. At such a fast speed, if you do not do some checks before turning on the device, then when the device is turned on , there may be some problems without attention, and some problems may occur in the processing at once, so the inspection before starting the machine and the inspection before use are essential. The following are some common inspection measures.

There are many things to check before the multi-axis tapping machine is turned on. For example, this machine will be connected to the power supply. It is necessary to check whether the power supply is installed correctly. Is everything normal? Also check the live wire, neutral wire and ground wire on the power supply to see if these wires are properly connected in place. Then also check the condition of the work surface. Since the operation needs to be kept horizontal and vertical, it is necessary to check whether the work surface is in a horizontal state and whether the fixtures are installed in place. Also, check the belt. Because some equipment may have the belt outside, then the belt can be replaced. It is necessary to check whether the flywheel belt is connected in place. If the belt slips abnormally, it will affect the processing operation.

Another aspect of inspection before the multi-axis tapping machine is started is the inspection of the drill bit and the mechanical parts that need to be processed. The main thing is to check whether the raw materials are qualified and whether they are processed mechanical parts. If the machine part being machined is picked up incorrectly, the hole size, as well as the hole diameter and depth, may be incorrect. Such forcible operation may damage the material and increase the scrap rate. The next check is that the drill is mainly to check whether the drill is matched. If the rotor does not match or is selected incorrectly, the final processing will not produce the corresponding effect. After checking all these, then connect the power supply normally, and turn it on normally. Note that all the axes on the device that should be reset should be reset. Make sure everything is in order and start processing.