Matters needing attention in the use of Cnc Faucet Making Machine


Cnc Faucet Making Machines are widely used in machinery assembly, vehicles, ships, aircraft and other manufacturing and maintenance departments, and are an essential tool for mechanization of manual tapping work. The structure diagram of the Cnc Faucet Making Machine. Generally consists of tapping head, reducer, engine and other parts.

The rotational speed of the rotor of the air engine is decelerated by the secondary planetary gear of the reducer part, and the forward and reverse clutches can be changed to tapping speed (slow speed) and reverse speed (fast retraction). The main features of the structure of the Cnc Faucet Making Machine are: the tapping machine has a certain shaft gear train to ensure a lower speed during forward rotation and a higher speed during reverse rotation. When tapping, as long as you give an upward thrust, the tapping head can be connected to the forward clutch and start tapping at a slow speed. When returning, just lift the tapping machine with a little force, and the reverse clutch can be connected to quickly return. Ideal for manual operation.

In order to meet the urgent needs of the market, the combined building block design method can be used to design the Cnc Faucet Making Machine, so that the design can be changed quickly, the designed product has a high degree of certainty, the degree of generalization and standardization is high, and the process preparation workload when the new product is put into production is small. Therefore, the design, trial production and production cycle can be greatly shortened, which not only reduces the production cost, but also facilitates the production management of the factory.

The main design points of the tapping machine are as follows:

1. The pneumatic engine part adopts the engine part of the pneumatic drill.

2. The reducer part can generally use the gears, gear racks and other parts of other reducer parts, as long as the transmission ratio calculation and the design of a small number of gears, forward and reverse clutches and other parts are enough.

3. The tapping head part can be replaced by a drill clamp. If the diameter of the tapping is less than 6 mm, it can be replaced by a drill clamp. When the tapping diameter is greater than 6 mm, a special tapping head is generally designed. The tapping machine and the tapping head are connected by a standard mold taper.

4. The retraction speed is twice the tapping speed, which is convenient for quick retraction.

The following matters should be paid attention to when using a Cnc Faucet Making Machine:

1. The air pressure should be kept at 0.49 ~ 0.59MPa, and should not be lower than 0.39MPa, otherwise the tapping machine will not work normally. The pipeline should be equipped with oil injector and water separation filter.

2. The inner diameter of the trachea should meet the requirements of the Cnc Faucet Making Machine used, and the joints at both ends of the trachea should be firmly connected to prevent danger from being disconnected during use;

3. It is not advisable for the machine to run idly for a long time under high air pressure, otherwise the parts of the machine will wear out and fail. When tapping, the feed force should be appropriate, and the direction of action of the force should be correct.

4. A small amount of lead oil should be applied to the front end of the tap before tapping, and chips should be poured when tapping.

5. The machine should pay attention to frequent maintenance. The maintenance period depends on the degree of use. Each maintenance must clean the parts and repair the accessories.