Application and safety operation precautions of porous tapping machine


    Porous in-mold tapping machines are widely used in the drilling and tapping of porous parts in the machinery industry. Such as automobile and motorcycle porous parts: engine box, aluminum casting shell, brake drum, brake disc, steering gear, wheel hub, differential shell, axle head, half shaft, axle, etc., pumps, valves, Hydraulic components, solar accessories and more. The multi-hole in-mold tapping machine can be divided into two types: adjustable and fixed. The number of main shafts and the distance between the main shafts of the adjustable multi-hole in-mold tapping machine can be adjusted arbitrarily within its processing range. Process several holes at the same time. When it works with the hydraulic machine tool, it can automatically fast forward, work forward (work back), fast backward and stop. Compared with the single-axis drilling (tapping), the workpiece has high machining accuracy and fast work efficiency, which can effectively save the investment. human, material and financial resources.

The automation of the multi-hole in-mold tapping machine, especially the machine tool, greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The fixed multi-hole in-mold tapping machine adopts the design of a single-piece (machined piece) special machine. According to the reasons for the high processing frequency and large quantity of its machined pieces, it is specially tailored for one piece of equipment, which is not required in its work. Worrying about the size deviation is annoying. In addition to the use of conventional products, special designs can also be made according to the special requirements of customers.

Precautions for safe operation of porous in-mold tapping machine:

1. Before working, carefully check the machinery, electrical appliances, water cooling and hydraulics (automatic tapping machine) to which it belongs, and operate it only after confirming that it is normal.

2. When working, you should wear work clothes, protective shoes, protective glasses, protective caps, etc. Do not go shirtless to prevent burns.

3. The automatic tapping machine and the workplace should always be kept clean and tidy. Various materials and tools should be placed in designated locations.

4. The charge should be dry and someone should be responsible for inspection. It is strictly forbidden to put explosive items (such as warheads, detonators, etc.), sealed containers and charging materials with water (or snow) into the furnace.

5. Sample spoons, molds, dial samples, etc., should be kept dry and clean. The remaining automatic tapping machine should be poured into a dry place or in a dry ingot mold.

6. When the multi-hole in-mold tapping machine is used for driving, it is necessary to check whether the chains, wire ropes, hooks, and balances are firm or not. Otherwise, lifting is prohibited. When hoisting, operate in accordance with the "Safety Technical Operation Regulations for Hoisting Industry".

7. Before starting the furnace, all obstacles around the furnace pit must be removed, no explosive materials are allowed within 5m, and there must be no accumulated water on the furnace pit and the ground in front of the furnace.

8. When adding powder and bulk materials, the material should be thrown sideways to prevent splashing and hurting people.

9. Before the liquid of the automatic tapping machine is discharged, the tools and ladle used must be baked and dried. The ladle must be placed upright and stable. It is forbidden to contact the cold and wet iron rods, tools, etc. with the molten liquid to prevent splashing and hurting people.