The characteristic of the drilling tapping compound machine


1. The drilling taping compound machine integrates drilling, code spraying and cutting. It has the characteristics of good processing quality, high production efficiency, plate saving, reducing workshop floor area and labor force. It is mainly used in steel structure, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, shipbuilding and other industries.

2. The production line of the drilling taping compound machine consists of main machine (including code spraying unit, drilling unit, cutting system, tool change system, etc.), NC feeding device (including clamp), NC discharging device (including clamp), material channel (including side positioning device), discharge channel, turnover worktable, finished product output device, pneumatic and cooling system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, electrical system (including automatic programming software), Spare parts (tool handles, tools, etc.).

3. The equipment of the drilling taping compound machine is composed of: feeding - Drilling - chip removal - code spraying - cutting - blanking (the maximum length of the processed workpiece is 2500mm (x direction)). The maximum discharge size is 2500mm (length direction).

4. The main machine is composed of bed, Y-axis feeding mechanism, code spraying unit, drilling unit, cutting system (flame), tool change system, roller track in bed, etc. The bed is welded by high-quality steel plate, with closed structure and strong rigidity. The code spraying unit, drilling unit and cutting system are driven by the y-axis to realize mobile positioning.