Maintenance program of Angle Valve Machine


1. Always test lubricants

Lubrication can reduce friction around moving parts. Regular lubrication can prolong the service life of the Angle Valve Machine . It is also important to check whether the correct lubricant is used.

2. Check the wear

Vibration, friction, high temperature and impact are the main reasons for the failure of drilling machines. By checking the wear and tear, you can detect and replace the faulty parts as soon as you find them.

3. Clean the machine

There are many seals and filters on the Angle Valve Machine  inspection machine, and they are regularly inspected to ensure that they are in working condition. The filter should also be replaced regularly, and the respirator should be kept clean to prevent vacuum, which may draw pollutants into the cab. Workers who use the machine should also ensure that all holes in the machine are cleaned.

4. Enhanced drilling part

Drills with sharpening, cutting and slicing components must be sharpened. Drilling and cutting components can damage production and reduce efficiency. The sharpness of Angle Valve Machine  parts will also affect the shape and accuracy of the cut material. Ensure that all drills, end drills, precision tools, and turning tools are sharp.

5. Check the alignment specifications

Angle Valve Machine s usually have multiple components. Loss of consistency will greatly affect the quality of work. You can check the alignment by performing test work and then measuring the final part. If the specifications are incorrect, the machine needs to be readjusted.

6. Good record of maintenance and repair plan

Certain components, such as fluids, electrical systems, and rails, must be checked frequently to take preventive measures. Keep proper records so that you have the necessary tools and spare parts on hand to avoid long downtime. Maintaining records is also important to the safety of employees. Preventive maintenance programs greatly reduce machine downtime.