What to do when the Cnc Faucet Making Machine is found to be unstable


High-precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple, the automatic reversing device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, shallow holes and low workpiece holes are easy to be adjusted, double safety devices can prevent screw tapping damage, the spindle rotates up and down, the special double safety clutch for advance and retreat, the spindle can be It stops automatically, and the reverse tool will not damage the tool. The gears with pitch A and B are matched with the rotating shafts of A and B and the main shaft. They are fully advanced according to the pitch. The vertical stability and accuracy are extremely high. The spiral tapping can run freely before and after the screw tapping without force. At the same time, relying on excellent processed products will not cause different thread thicknesses. For thin plates, light alloys, synthetic resins and other soft products, perfect threads can also be tapped. At the same time, multi-axis simultaneous processing can be realized, which greatly improves production efficiency.

    What should I do when the Cnc Faucet Making Machine is found to be unstable? It is suggested that the following aspects can be checked to solve the problem. 1. Check whether the micro switch is damaged. If damaged, install a new switch. 2. Check the spring problem of the automatic tapping machine. If the spring is too loose and cannot be adjusted, if the spring cannot rebound, replace it with a new one. three. Check whether there is a problem with the clutch brake pad. If there is a problem with the brake pad, it needs to be replaced. 4. Check whether the tapping material of the automatic tooth profile machine is deformed. If it is the problem of overcoming the village, it is judged that this is not the problem of the equipment itself, and the materials should be dealt with accordingly. 5. Check the tightening of the small automatic tapping belt. If it is too loose, tighten the fixing screws. If the belt is slipping, the manufacturer of Zhongshan Dental's automatic tapping machine suggests that it is best to replace the belt with a new one.

    For fully automated equipment, in terms of production efficiency and production quality, the speed and quality are higher than those of manual, but this does not mean that the use of fully automated equipment will not cause certain failure problems, so as to ensure that each equipment can Produce the greatest value. Like the automatic tapping machine, it cannot be replaced by manual tapping. It has fast efficiency and good quality, but there will also be a certain amount of tooth collapse, which directly affects normal production. Analysis of the solution to the collapse of the fully automatic tapping machine. When opening a hole, you must check whether the bottom hole exit is complete. If it is not completed, the machine attack should be changed to a manual attack before reaching the exit. And it should be slow, so be careful.

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