Pay attention to the change of parameters when using the Angle Valve Machine


It is very important to pay attention to the production details of tapping machines. If they are not handled properly, it will not only affect the quality and performance, but also reduce the productivity. Then we will introduce the precautions: Use the Angle Valve Machine pping machine, pay attention to checking the performance and The parameter changes to ensure that the machine can continue to be used. Secondly, after cleaning up the tapping machine, the public parts should be kept clean to extend the service life of the equipment. Third, when the servo tapping machine is started when the accuracy is guaranteed, you need to set the data first, and then follow the prompts to train the staff for the new position.

Angle Valve Machine pping machine should learn how to clean it? At each step, a machine can be used for a long time, and students will have lower sensitivity and low efficiency. At this time, we should do a system maintenance for the machine. 1. Keep economic development. Hand cleanliness. The management work content is boring. When the fine bearing of the tapping machine is taken out of the packaging, the operator's hands should be kept as a clean production method. The hands of the operator will be boring. Rust, teachers may be able to wear gloves when necessary. 2. To ensure that the child's good, smooth and non-moving disassembly of the thin bearings should be carried out immediately with grease and oil treatment, and the non-polluting production equipment should be dismantled immediately after the small bearings are greased, and no grease and oil treatment should be carried out. When it is installed in the gap with the grease ring of the bearing outer ring, it is necessary to add 20% grease to the bearing cavity through a fine emulsion. The finely lubricated bearing cavity is preferably 30% to high speed.

As the use and management of the Angle Valve Machine pping machine becomes more and more extensive, it will inevitably lead to the instability of the tapping machine. Next, we will give you an introduction and analysis. What are the important reasons that affect the failure of the tapping machine? stability:

1. The teeth of the tapping machine are worn out or the spring is loose and weak. Check the uneven force caused by the abrasion of the tapping tip of the tapping machine, and then check whether the spring is too loose or a new spring.

2. The adjustment of the tapping belt of the drilling machine is not tight enough or the belt is damaged to cause slippage. The tapping machine belt is too loose at the back of the machine. The adjustment screw can be adjusted to a proper state or the belt can be replaced.

3. If the tapping belt of the tapping machine is too loose, fix the four small screws of the tapping machine and loosen it, then press down the tapping machine, and then tighten the four screws.

4. The clutch brake system is not good, you can replace the car brake pads or replace the tapping machine.

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