Advantages of Faucet making machinemachine


The Faucet making machine has the following advantages:

1. It has the advantages of high speed, high precision and the teeth can be detected by the tooth gauge. High speed continuous circulation operation, special motor can be durable.It can achieve automation and distance type. One person can operate multiple equipment at the same time. It can significantly save labor costs!

2. Working principle: forward --- reverse --- forward --- reverse The continuous cycle and one-way cycle of forward rotation reverse rotation stop are operated by specific key switch, and foot switch can be installed for selective operation. Continuous, one-way and cycle can be automatically operated. The operator's hands can completely leave the machine, realize automatic work, beginners can also operate smoothly.

3. High precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple, automatic reversing device can freely adjust tapping stroke, shallow hole and low machining parts with hole can also be easily adjusted, double safety device can prevent damage of screw tap, spindle rotation and up and down, advance and retreat cutter has double safety clutch, spindle can automatically stop, reverse and retreat cutter will not damage cutter.

4. Pitch a, B gear with a, B shaft and the main shaft according to pitch advance fully fit, vertical stability, precision is particularly high, screw tapping forward and backward without force can run freely. At the same time, it depends on the excellent processing products, which will not cause different threads in thickness. For thin plate, light metal, synthetic resin and other soft products, it can also make perfect threads. At the same time, it can also be equipped with multi axis synchronous processing, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

5. Mainly can improve the production quantity and quality, in the international market, Faucet making machine is not any kind of machinery can ban.

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