The application of automatic drilling machine in the aviation industry?


    As one of the manufacturing and processing equipment in the world today, the automatic drilling machine is used in the field of aerospace and has an important effect on the rapid development of my country's aerospace industry. Whether it is the "Tiangong-1" target aircraft, or the previous "Shenzhou VII" spacecraft, the "Chang'e Flying to the Moon" program, the "Large Plane" program, manned space projects, etc., automatic drilling machines are widely used. Next, I will introduce the use of automatic drilling machines in the aerospace industry:

 The automatic drilling machine fusion technology uses a high-energy density automatic drilling machine as the heat source to cladding a layer of cladding material on the surface of the base material to complete the metallurgical bond with the base material. Surface modification method of alloy layer with completely different composition and function. This skill integrates rapid prototyping skills and chamfering machine cladding surface modification skills, which can complete the correction of three-dimensional metal parts without the need for molds. In the aviation field, the price of spare parts for aero engines is very high, so it is more cost-effective to repair the parts in many situations, but the quality of the revised parts must meet the safety requirements.

Before the 1970s, because there was no high-power continuous chamfering machine equipment, the focus of the study was spot welding of small precision parts, perhaps seam welding formed by overlapping single solder joints. Today, with the advancement of the power of automatic drilling machines, it is now easier to weld steel plates with a thickness of more than ten millimeters.

For example, when the appearance of an aircraft propeller blade is damaged, it is necessary to go through some appearance processing skills to correct it. In addition to considering the high strength and high fatigue resistance required by the propeller blades, it is also necessary to consider the corrosion resistance after the appearance is modified. The automatic drilling machine cladding technology can be used here. In addition, the automatic drilling machine fusion technology can also be used in the correction of turbine blades, casing joint parts, valve body parts and other parts.

This is also a more extensive skill used by automatic drilling machines in the aerospace industry, because automatic drilling machines have their own common advantages related to electron beam, plasma beam and traditional welding methods. For example, the energy density is high, the heat-affected zone and the deformation zone are very small, and so on.

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