Industry knowledge that you have to notice when buying a polishing machine


In the domestic environment, various industries have spawned many entrants. In the polishing machine industry, new manufacturers enter every year, and many manufacturers withdraw at the same time. When customers choose a polishing machine, they must make reasonable judgments and considerations, and understand the differences and advantages of each brand, so that the polishing machine equipment can meet the application needs during use. In the actual selection process, remember to pay attention to the following issues to avoid blind selection and affect later production and operation.

1. Understand your own needs, list a few key intentional manufacturers, and compare various advantages and disadvantages. The one that suits your current actual needs is the most suitable. Don't blindly buy expensive ones, buy good ones, waste resources, and have an unknown future.

2. Look at the case, don't listen to the manufacturer's side words, and have a case similar to yours, which is the most realistic.

3. Pay attention to the model selection and reserve a certain capacity margin so that it can keep up with the production during the peak season.

The above three points are kind reminders to our customers so that they can be put into production smoothly after choosing the polishing machine.