Tapping machine application field


The tapping machine is a machine tool that uses taps to process internal threads. It is the most widely used internal thread processing machine tool. According to the national machinery industry standards, the series of tapping machines are divided into: desktop tapping machine-semi-automatic desktop tapping machine, vertical tapping machine, horizontal tapping machine.

Today, lets talk about the application fields of tapping machines. Main application areas of tapping machine: suitable for car or motorcycle body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves , Fasteners and all kinds of hard plastic mouths are printed with numbers, names, trademarks, etc.

According to different types of driving power, tapping machines can be divided into manual tapping machines, pneumatic tapping machines, electric tapping machines and hydraulic tapping machines, etc.;

According to the number of spindles of the tapping machine, it can be divided into single-axis tapping machine, two-axis tapping machine, four-axis tapping machine, six-axis tapping machine, multi-axis tapping machine, etc.;

According to different types of processed parts, tapping machines can be divided into in-mold tapping machines, universal tapping machines, hot nut tapping machines, flange nut tapping machines, round nut tapping machines, hexagonal nut tapping machines, Blind hole nut tapping machine, anti-theft nut tapping machine and many other models;

According to the degree of automation of the tapping machine processing process, tapping machines can be divided into automatic tapping machines, semi-automatic tapping machines and manual tapping machines, etc.;

According to whether the tapping machine is drilling at the same time when tapping, the tapping machine is divided into drilling tapping machine, reaming tapping machine, etc.;

The automatic tapping machine has the highest degree of automation. When working, just put the part blanks into the hopper to automatically feed, automatically position, automatically clamp, automatically tap, and automatically unload. One worker can operate multiple equipment at the same time. High production efficiency can significantly save labor costs. The high-quality tapping machine has the characteristics of novel design, reasonable structure, simple and easy to use, high degree of automation, convenient use, high efficiency, maintenance-free, and high cost performance. The high-quality nut tapping machine processes various nut threads with high smoothness, and the finished product The qualification rate is high.

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