Methods to improve drilling efficiency of faucet making machine


Friends who know the Faucet making machine may know that the quality of drilling will seriously affect the tapping quality of the tapping machine. The accuracy and broken wires depend on the quality of the drilling. So how can we make the drilling quality of the tapping machine better?

1. Since the position accuracy at the beginning of drilling basically depends on the position of the sample punching, the position accuracy of the dynamic control hole is converted to the punching accuracy of the sample punching position to a certain extent. Taking into account the important role of the proofing punch in controlling the position accuracy of the hole.

2. In order to reduce the size deviation of the Faucet making machine between the center of the visual hole and the ideal position, the control circle or control box of each size hole should be drawn, and the method of measuring with a caliper should be used during the visual inspection during the drilling process to ensure Its location accuracy.

3. Choose the sharp height ruler of the cutter head so that the tapping machine can draw deeper groove marks on the processing surface of the hole center line, and use the resistance effect of the groove marks on the hole center line when the sample punch moves to determine the sample punch the correct position of the punch system.

4. Since the correction method of file repairing and drilling and reaming is transferred to the correction of the position deviation of the sample punching hole, the number of times of reaming and correcting the position of the bottom hole can be more effectively reduced, and the operation and processing time is shortened, so the sample is finished. After punching the eye, carefully check its position accuracy and make necessary corrections.

The main points to improve the efficiency of the Faucet making machine are:

1. The Faucet making machine needs to add coolant during operation.

2. If the tapping machine cannot tap smoothly, it must be straightened by hand before operation.

3. Clean up the debris inside the screw hole in time to avoid affecting the mouth of the tapping machine.

4. The orientation of the tooth mouth of the Faucet making machine must be connected with the thread, so that the operation is relatively simple and unimpeded, and the quality of the thread will be higher.

5. Check and replace the damaged tapping transmission output shaft oil every month, just once.

6. Clean up the sundries in the electrical cabinet of the Faucet making machine every day to ensure that the electrical cabinet is clean.