Automatic drilling machine is a highly automated drilling equipment


    With the continuous development of science and technology, automatic drilling machine is also called automatic drilling machine, which is a highly automated drilling equipment. The automatic drilling machine automatically ends the assembly work of the equipment according to the pre-set program, which can effectively improve the working power of the production line and reduce the production cost.

    Main feature:

    (1) Automatic check function:

    It can automatically check the degree of wear of the drill bit and the hardness of the processed materials, and automatically adjust the processing parameters, making the drill easier to cut.

    It can check the resistance of the drill bit during processing, and avoid the drill bit from breaking due to excessive resistance.

    (2) The processing speed is fast, and the idle speed is up to 99mm/s, which is obviously double the speed compared with ordinary drilling machines. The output can reach 180 pieces per hour.

    (3) Fully automatic cutting.

    (4) The machine has high precision, and the processing precision of all parts is strictly controlled, with an error of ±0.01mm.

    (5) The processing range is large, and the processing size is 2-30mm.

    (6) The alarm function is powerful and stable, and it can truly operate multiple machines with one person. Improve factory output, reduce costs, and improve corporate competitiveness.

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