The demand for drilling and tapping machine in the machinery industry is gradually increasing


Cutting tools mainly refer to tools used for cutting in the manufacturing process of CNC drilling machines and tapping machinery. With the development of manufacturing technology, cutting processing, as the main basic process of manufacturing technology, has entered a new stage of development characterized by the development of high-speed cutting, the development of new cutting technologies and processing methods, and the provision of complete sets of technologies. At the same time, drilling and tapping machine are also developing in the direction of high hardness, high speed, high precision and dry processing, playing an important role in automotive, aerospace, energy, military, mold and other fields.

As energy saving and consumption reduction are paid more and more attention, the trend of lightweight mechanical parts is very obvious. Light metal materials such as aluminum alloys and fiber-reinforced synthetic materials have been widely adopted. The use of gold drilling and tapping machine has increased dramatically.

The CNC compound machine industry shoulders the important task of providing key components for the manufacturing industry. The processing technology level of the manufacturing industry is also greatly affected by the overall level of the industry, and the development of the manufacturing industry will also promote the development of the CNC compound machine industry.

According to the needs of the development of the manufacturing industry, drilling and tapping machine will become the mainstream of the development of the industry. Faced with the increasing number of difficult-to-process materials, it is a general trend to continuously update technology and innovate.

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