Development status of CNC machine tools in my country


After March 2020, the domestic epidemic has been brought under control. After the epidemic, the domestic economy urgently needs to fully resume production, and tens of millions of enterprises have resumed work one after another and resumed normal production and operation. At this stage, my country's economy is developing at a high speed in an all-round way, and my country's industrial development is the mainstay of my country's economy, so all aspects of my country's industrial development need to be improved at present. In recent years, the domestic CNC machine tools have developed rapidly and the output has been increasing, but the number of high-end products is too small, and the innovative technology is relatively lagging behind foreign countries, and the competition in the CNC machine tool technology is lagging. Because foreign CNC machine tools developed earlier than us and they pay attention to talents, the technology of foreign CNC machine tools is developing rapidly, especially the technology of foreign CNC system is ahead of our country, such as Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi and other brand CNC systems. Although my country's CNC machine tools have been developing rapidly in recent years, and at the same time, independent research and development of CNC systems have gradually narrowed the gap with foreign countries, there are still many problems in domestic CNC machine tool technology that need to be resolved.

 For a long time, industrialized countries have attached great importance to the machine tool industry, and they have developed a batch of mechatronics, high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-automation advanced machine tools to accelerate the development of industry and national economy. Although the domestic CNC machine tools are developing rapidly and the annual output is increasing year by year, the accuracy of the machine tools cannot meet the requirements. For a long time, Europe, the United States, and Asia have competed fiercely with each other in the international market, and an invisible front has been formed. Especially with the progress of microelectronics and computer technology, the development of CNC machine tools has accelerated after the 21st century. As users put forward more needs in the market, CNC machine tools urgently need to continuously improve technological research and development, and manufacturers must compete with high-quality and high-quality products. Global users, expand market share.

At present, although vigorously developing the equipment manufacturing industry has become the consensus of the whole society, the digital control system of most important domestic machinery manufacturing equipment is not made in China. Especially the high-end CNC machine tools that are related to the country's strategic position and reflect the level of the country's comprehensive national strength, but most of its "brain" and "heart" need to be imported from abroad. Domestic experts have called for "Made in China" represented by CNC machine tools to have independent R&D and innovation. It can be seen that the development of a CNC system with independent intellectual property rights is imminent.