Application direction of CNC machining center


Application areas:

1. Manufacturing industry

The machinery manufacturing industry is the first industry to apply numerical control technology, and it is responsible for providing advanced equipment for various industries in the national economy. It should focus on the research, development and production of high-performance three-axis and five-axis high-speed vertical machining centers, five-axis machining centers, large five-axis gantry mills, etc. for modern military equipment; those used on flexible manufacturing lines for engines, gearboxes, and crankshafts in the automotive industry CNC machine tools and high-speed machining centers, as well as welding, assembly, painting robots, plate laser welding machines and laser cutting machines, etc.; high-speed five-axis machining centers for processing propellers, engines, generators and turbine blades in the aviation, shipbuilding, and power generation industries , Heavy-duty turning and milling machining center, etc.

2, information industry

In the information industry, from computers to networks, mobile communications, telemetry, remote control and other equipment, manufacturing equipment based on ultra-precision technology and nanotechnology is required, such as wire bonding machines, wafer bonding machines and lithography machines for chip manufacturing. Etc., the control of these equipments requires the use of numerical control technology.

3. Medical equipment industry

In the medical industry, many modern medical diagnosis and treatment equipment adopt numerical control technology, such as CT diagnostic equipment, whole body knife treatment machine, and minimally invasive surgical robot based on vision guidance.

4. Military equipment

Many modern military equipment use servo motion control technology, such as automatic aiming control of artillery, tracking control of radar, and automatic tracking control of missiles.

5. Other industries

In the light industry, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery and woodworking machinery that use multi-axis servo control (up to 50 motion axes); in the building materials industry, CNC waterjet cutting machines for stone processing; CNC glass engraving machine for glass processing; CNC sewing machine for Simmons processing and CNC embroidery machine for garment processing, etc.

1. The advantages of CNC machining center are as follows:

1) High processing precision and high processing quality.

2) Multi-coordinate linkage can be carried out, and parts with complex shapes can be processed.

3) When machining parts are changed, generally only the NC program needs to be changed, which can save production preparation time.

4) The machine tool itself has high precision, high rigidity, can choose a favorable processing amount, and high productivity (generally 3~5 times of ordinary machine tools).

5) The machine tool has a high degree of automation, which can reduce labor intensity.

2. The disadvantages of CNC machining center are as follows:

1) The requirements for the quality of the operators are low, and the technical requirements for the maintenance personnel are relatively high.

2) But its processing route is not easy to control, not as intuitive as ordinary machine tools.

3) The maintenance of CNC processing plants is inconvenient, and the technical requirements are high.

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