The key to choosing CNC machining center


The CNC machining center is an automated machine tool controlled by a program, and its performance and applicability are higher than other CNC machine tools. However, due to its technical requirements and other factors, its price is relatively expensive. So, when we choose the CNC machining center, when you don't know the price of the CNC machining center, then you must first understand the CNC machining center manufacturer. After getting to know the manufacturers of CNC machining centers, we will have a general understanding of the prices of CNC machining centers needed, and then further understand their after-sales service. This is the so-called equal quality than price and equal price to service. Then the quality is only relative, there is no absolute quality. Therefore, before buying a CNC machining center, you have to budget for the price range of your purchase. The price difference between different brands of the same model is also quite large, and it is necessary to make a preliminary budget based on the situation of oneself or the company. Then look for more than two CNC machining center manufacturers. Compare it in many aspects.


As we all know, the CNC machining center is composed of multiple core components and related connectors. Any problem in any link may cause serious damage to the CNC machining center. Therefore, we must first start with the core components:

1. Spindle: The spindle is a core component of the machine tool. Most of the machining surface accuracy is related to the spindle, so the quality of the spindle is very important.

2. Ball screw: The most commonly used transmission element in precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or convert torque into axial repetitive force, and it has both high precision, reversibility and high efficiency. specialty. Its manufacturing requirements are also relatively high, including material and assembly accuracy.

3. Tool magazine: The tool magazine of CNC machining center is divided into three types: hat type, disc type and chain type, and the number of tool holdings increases sequentially.

4. Guide rail: The commonly used guide rails of CNC machining centers can be roughly classified into the following three categories according to their accuracy, C ordinary level, H high precision level, and P ultra precision level. Generally, the guide rails for CNC machining centers are above H level. According to the type, it can be divided into three types: hard rails, linear slide rails, and inlaid steel rails. The first two are the most common.

5. Bearings: Machine tool spindle bearings are generally equipped by spindle unit manufacturers.

6. Bearing lock nut: These two parts are small in size, but they also play an important role.

7. Coupling: The coupling is the connection between the motor and the lead screw, and is also used for the connection of the spindle motor and the spindle on some direct-coupled boxes.

8. CNC system, servo motor, driver: This part is an important item of the cost of CNC machine tools. There are many commonly used brands and the price difference is also relatively large, so I will not mention it here.

Others :

Machine shape: People rely on clothes, horses and saddles. A good product should have a good appearance. The appearance of CNC machining centers purchased from hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands should also be beautiful. The product is not beautiful and not atmospheric. It is also a measurement basis. Not only the value of the purchase that you think is the value of the purchase, but also the value of the purchase if you want to show it to your friends.