Which parts are suitable for tapping machines?


    Many customers will ask which parts the automatic tapping machine is mainly suitable for processing?

    1. Small batches are processed periodically, and each batch has variable varieties and a certain degree of complexity.

    2. Box or polygonal parts with multiple planes and holes in different positions that need to be processed.

    3. There are high position accuracy requirements between different types of surfaces on the parts, and it is difficult to guarantee the required workpieces when the machine is replaced.

    4. Parts with higher requirements for machining accuracy consistency

    5. Parts with variable cutting conditions. For example, some parts need grooving, boring, tapping, etc. due to their shape characteristics

    6. The structure or shape is complicated, and the ordinary processing is complicated and difficult to operate.

    8. Mirror symmetrically processed parts

    9. Series parts or part families in group processing

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