What are the benefits of automatic drilling machine processing aluminum parts?


    Aluminum is one of the most successful commercial metals in human history. This material has been used to manufacture durable lightweight parts for aerospace, aviation, military and defense, and other industries. Now, it is obvious how aluminum parts are different from other metal parts. This article discusses some interesting things about aluminum automatic drilling machines and machining parts.

    Automatic drilling machine plus processing is preferred because it can help manufacturers achieve accuracy, repeatability and high productivity. Unlike many other manufacturing processes, automatic drilling machine processing also allows manufacturers to take full advantage of material properties. Aluminum processing services have made full use of these characteristics. In recent years, the following advantages of the combination of materials and processing have promoted the demand for automatic drilling machines and processed parts.

Excellent strength/weight ratio:

    Over the years, due to the high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum parts, the demand for aluminum parts has increased. The material has high strength, but light weight. These two characteristics make it an ideal choice for manufacturing key parts in the automotive and aerospace industries.

    Easy to process:

    Aluminum is a strong material, but it breaks easily, so it is easy to transform it into the desired shape. The material can withstand the strict folding, punching and drilling operations carried out during the processing of the automatic drilling machine without losing its material properties. Due to its easy forming characteristics, compared with other materials (such as steel, titanium, etc.), processing aluminum requires much less energy.

     Highly customizable:

Aluminum can be easily customized to meet typical application requirements. The parts processed by the automatic drilling machine can be cosmetically enhanced or finished to the required specifications. For example, they can be plated with colors including green, black, blue or any other desired colors.

     Can withstand temperature changes:

Steel and aluminum have been popular for several years. These metals have unique advantages, making them ideal for various industrial applications. In terms of durability, steel is the two most popular. However, if temperature changes are involved, steel is not the right choice. For example, steel cannot withstand high welding temperatures or extremely low temperatures. However, aluminum can effectively withstand these two conditions.


    Aluminum parts are easy to recycle, which helps increase their use in industrial applications. Therefore, automatic drilling machines and machined aluminum parts are ideal for companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. As we all know, automatic drilling machine processing is a subtractive process, and a large amount of material waste will be generated due to chipping. Material waste can be recycled to produce better products.


    Automatic drilling machine machining parts made of aluminum can be used for various applications exposed to corrosive elements. Aluminum has relatively good corrosion resistance; however, their corrosion resistance varies from grade to grade.

    Excellent conductivity:

    The aluminum parts processed by automatic drilling machines also have good electrical conductivity, so they are also used in electrical applications. Although aluminum may not have the same level of electrical conductivity as copper, it is better than steel or other widely processed materials.

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