Which aspects of the automatic tapping machine need to be inspected in normal work


The operation of the automatic tapping machine is not difficult, and it also brings us convenience, especially now that the automatic tapping machine is more convenient, simple and efficient. No one hopes that automatic tapping will fail during use. I am afraid that no manufacturer can guarantee this. However, what we have to do is encounter the phenomenon, judge the problem and solve the problem. Therefore, I believe that the production efficiency of automatic tapping machines can also be improved. Now we are beginning to understand how to solve the instability of the automatic tapping machine during use. After discovering this phenomenon, we must determine the cause of the problem, and then take relevant corrective measures.

1. Check whether the micro switch is damaged. If it is damaged, install a new switch.

2. Check whether the tapping material of the automatic tapping machine is deformed. If it is a rural rubber tapping problem, it can be judged that this is not a problem with the equipment itself, and the materials can be treated accordingly.

3. Check whether there is any problem with the clutch brake pad. If it is a brake pad problem, you need to replace a new brake pad.

4. Check whether the small automatic tapping belt is tight. If it is too loose, tighten the fixing screws. If the belt slips, it is recommended to replace with a new belt, which will bring better results.

5. Check the spring problem of the automatic tapping machine. If the spring is too loose, adjust it. If the spring cannot rebound, please replace it with a new one.

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