Summary of the function and application scope of core shooter in foundry sand mold


The core shooting machine can realize PLC programmable control, mold temperature automatic control, etc. This type of equipment can meet the production needs of various large flat sand cores, which shows that its application range is relatively wide. It is mainly designed for the production characteristics of air duct sand cores and motorcycle cylinder air ducts. The applicable object of the double mold core shooter is the simultaneous production of shells and various sand cores for the upper and lower molds; I have to mention the special core shooter for brake discs, which is used to meet the production of brake disc sand cores of various sizes. During the process, not only the process parameters can be adjusted, but the mold temperature can also be automatically controlled, so as to obtain the ideal product.

The core shooter has many advantages, such as good productivity, slow hardening speed, accurate size, good sand core quality and so on. However, with the emergence of some, there have also been some factors that will limit the quality and output of the sand core. Our goal is to eliminate all these problems.

After continuous improvement, the molding method of the core shooter has finally become different. Compared with the previous casting molding, today's rotational molding is much better. This is a process that uses a metal casting process to obtain products through preliminary polymerization, solidification and other processes. Compared with it, rotational molding is simpler, and the cost is relatively low. The key is to speed up production efficiency and processing. The correct use of the rotational molding process can help users obtain additional economic benefits, which is unmatched by other molding processes. In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the grasp of all aspects of the rotational molding process and eliminate various unfavorable factors.

The core shooter is one of the equipment in the foundry industry. There are many types of them, and their applicable occasions are also different. In the actual casting process, the vertical core shooter has more opportunities to use, which shows its importance in the process.

The main point of the vertical core shooting machine is to be responsible for the manufacture of resin sand cores. This is used as the condition for casting molding. Due to the special structure, the equipment uses compressed air to inject core sand into the cavity of the mold through a special sand bucket. Will quickly solidify into shape. The vertical core shooting machine is of course mainly vertical parting, which can realize single-sided or double-sided sand shooting.

In addition to the parting direction, core-pulling machinery can be set in other directions, and various complex molds can be used. The sand-shooting bucket of the vertical core shooter is also specially designed, which can be moved horizontally, up and down, in order to match the perforation position of the mold. The vertical core shooter is designed to compare the characteristics of various models of different sizes, and it is relatively easy to maintain, especially suitable for small and medium-sized foundry enterprises, and can create great economic benefits.

The pneumatic system of the core shooter is composed of basic circuits such as an exhaust circuit, a sequence control circuit, an electromagnetic reversing circuit and a pressure regulating circuit. Due to the electromagnetic-pneumatic control, the system has the advantages of high degree of automation, action interlocking, complete protection and simple system.

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