Structure and Characteristics of Core Shooting Machine


Everyone knows that the injection moulding machine is the core-shooting machine. It uses compressed air to uniformly inject the moulding sand into the sand box to pre-compact, and then apply pressure to compact. So its working pressure is still very large, so how to ensure the service life of the core shooter? What are the structural features of the core shooter that help to ensure the service life of the equipment? What should we pay attention to in daily operation and maintenance?

1.Wall Thickness of 1 Core Shooting Machine:

Thin-walled box structures with flanges and ribs are mostly used in metal core boxes. On the premise of guaranteeing strength and service life, the core-shooter reduces the wall thickness and strengthens the rib thickness as much as possible. Usually, the wall thickness of small and medium-sized core boxes is 8-10 mm, and the wall thickness of large core boxes is 12-14 mm.

2.Core box flange and wear-resistant guard plate of 2 core-shooter:

In order to prevent wear and prolong the service life of the core box, a widened and thicker flange is arranged on the sub-box surface and the sand filling surface of the core box. The flange surface of the aluminium core box should also be equipped with wear-resistant guard plate, which is usually made of Q25A or 30 steel with a thickness of 3 mm and fastened to the core box with countersunk screw.

3.core-shooting machine's moving block

The movable block is usually set in the core box of the core shooter, which obstructs or is difficult to core out. The common connection and fixing forms of movable block and core box are sliding seat type, dovetail groove type and positioning pin type. The sliding seat type is widely used.

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