Industry language and meaning of automatic tapping machine


The following will explain to you which industry languages are used in the automatic tapping machine and their respective meanings.

    1. Lower aperture: refers to the diameter of the hole to be processed before the tapping machine is not working.

    2. Product characteristics: refers to the raw materials of the products to be processed.

    3. Tap size: Refers to what kind of tap we want to use to produce processed products.

    4. Tapping machine speed: refers to the spindle speed when the automatic tapping machine is working. When processing products with different materials or taps, each material or tap has its own suitable speed requirements.

    5. Tap pitch: refers to the distance between two adjacent teeth on the tap. A set of suitable gears should be provided for the corresponding pitch.

    6. Hole depth: refers to the depth of the small hole to be processed before the tapping machine is not working.

    7. Fixture: refers to the parts that fix the product before the tapping machine works, put the product in the correct position, and wait for the tapping machine to process.

    8. Pitcher gear: refers to parts automatic tapping machine used to adjust the feed speed.

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