What should we pay attention to when using CMCC Tapping Machine


For the automatic tapping machine equipment, today we introduce the use of automatic tapping machine.

There is a big difference between the use of automatic tapping machine and traditional manual. After all, high-tech elements have been added, so the performance must be greatly improved, which is undeniable. So we need to know that when using the machine, we need to know that the machine is not easy to have problems. Let's see what should be paid attention to below:

1. Check before use. If it is a newly purchased automatic tapping machine, it must be checked before use. Even if it has been checked once in the factory, it still needs to simulate the first operation. It's for safety. It is important to make sure that there is no problem with the use, except to pay attention to getting rid of something around without changing the machine's work.

2. Ensure accuracy when using. When using the automatic tapping machine, if necessary, set the data firstly, and then operate according to the prompts. If you can, the operator should be trained first, which can also ensure that there will be no mistakes.

3. Pay attention to clean after being used. Simple and clean are ok. Simple wipe on the overall, especially the position of the punch should pay special attention to keep clean.

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