Talking about how to operate the drilling and attacking compound machine


Drilling and tapping compound machines are widely used in medical, chemical, machinery manufacturing, mechanical processing, sheet metal processing and woodworking industries. However, traditional manual angle grinders and manual tools will have safety, quality and low efficiency problems during use. In the face of these problems, how to operate the drilling and tapping compound machine?

(1) Inspection items before operation
1. Check the connection parts of the equipment in detail, and they must be tightened without looseness.
2. Whether each moving part is flexible, whether the agitator is installed firmly, and whether the main shaft rotates lightly.
3. The V-belt should be evenly tightened, and whether the bolts on the motor seat plate are tightened without looseness.
4. The inside of the mixing container and the internal cavity of the discharge should be cleaned and free of dirt.
5. Check whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the direction indicated by the sign.

(2) Matters needing attention during equipment operation
1. The drilling and tapping compound machine should run smoothly, without abnormal sound, and check whether the temperature rise is normal.
2. Whether the rotating parts of the main shaft bearing and the V-belt pulley are operating normally. If there is abnormal noise or vibration, stop immediately for inspection, and replace and repair the damaged parts immediately.
3. The equipment feeding must not exceed the highest loading factor. When the equipment is in operation, if adding plasticizer, it should be added slowly, and the plasticizer should not be poured into the machine suddenly, causing local material agglomeration, causing a sudden increase in load and damage to the equipment.