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Daily management of turning and milling machine


At present, the equipment commonly used in industrial production and processing has been favored by enterprises in different fields and industries, and the overall performance is high. After several years of improvement and perfection, the production and processing efficiency has also been improved. And simplifies the structure of the equipment, which is suitable for more fields. How to carry out the daily management of the turning and milling compound machine:
First, the new generation has more functions. Before operating such industrial processing equipment, users in different fields need to conduct systematic training and evaluation of relevant technical personnel to ensure that the subsequent operations are more standardized and correct.
Secondly, before operation, every technician needs to be familiar with the equipment specifications, which are related to the operation specifications and precautions of the turning and milling machine. Only by mastering every detail can the performance of the equipment be more thorough.

If it has been thoroughly checked. If it still fails to meet the company’s production and processing safety standards, it must be kept in mind that it cannot continue to operate and use, and the brand manufacturer’s maintenance personnel must be notified to deal with the failure to ensure that the unloading can be tested.
For the working environment of the turning-milling compound machine, there will be no harmful gas or odor, and the environment should not be too humid during storage. When using such industrial equipment, it must be kept away from heat sources and open flames.