Drilling And Tapping Compound Machine


In recent years, with the rapid development of national defense, aviation, high-speed railway, automobile and mold manufacturing industries, CNC machine tools have achieved rapid development, but high-end products are still facing low competitiveness, and CNC machine tools need further breakthroughs.

The manufacturing industry puts forward higher requirements for the accuracy and surface quality of equipment parts. Especially in high-tech industries such as space and communications. The changes in the technical requirements of the downstream market pose new challenges to the development of the CNC machine tool industry. If the technological development of CNC machine tools can meet the needs of manufacturing transformation and upgrading, it can play a catalytic role, and vice versa, it will limit its development, the industry said.

The drilling and attacking compound machine technology has made significant progress and a series of breakthroughs in high-speed, compound, precision, and multi-axis. However, there is a big gap in the accuracy and reliability of foreign drilling and attacking compound machines.

Domestic drilling and tapping compound machine

The level, variety and production capacity of drilling and attacking complex machines directly reflect the comprehensive strength of a country's industry, but the birth of CNC machine tools in China is slightly behind the United States and Germany, and has experienced nearly half of the world's development. Drilling and attacking complex machines lag far behind Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries.

At present, China's low- and mid-end products of drilling and attacking complex machines have certain strengths, but high-end CNC machine tools are still shortcomings, and high-end CNC machine tools are the four areas of aerospace, automobile, ship and power generation equipment that require industrial upgrading. . The reason why my country's CNC machine tool industry is deeply stuck in low-end mixed and high-end default conditions is that insufficient capital investment has led to a lack of independent research and development capabilities. Therefore, the industry calls on the country to select powerful companies, refine R&D, and invest funds on the blade.

The country will continue to develop and adjust the structure. In this environment, the drilling and attacking compound machine industry must adjust the existing industrial structure based on the existing mid-range achievements. On the one hand, it faces the demand for foreign products and joint assets and squeezes the domestic mid-range. Market competition pressure, on the other hand, strengthen research and development, squeeze into the high-end market, and get rid of the severe situation of people.

In the field of research and development, the innovation development strategy is implemented on the basis of the existing special support of the country, with the theme of the enterprise and innovation as the driving force. Because machine tools belong to an industry with large investment and slow results, the enterprise's own efforts cannot achieve long-term development.