Economic operation | Operation overview of machine tool industry in January-February 2020


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From January to February 2020, due to the double impact of the industry's decline in the previous year and the new coronary pneumonia epidemic since the beginning of this year, from the statistics of the key contact enterprises of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, the overall operation of the machine tool industry is not optimistic. The main economic indicators of the year-on-year have dropped significantly. Throughout the year, the downside factors facing the industry have increased.



Since the closure of Wuhan on January 23, the country has entered a special period of prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia, and the Spring Festival holiday has been extended to February 10. According to the specific situation of the epidemic situation in various places, the resumption of production and production of enterprises started one after another between February and March. Therefore, there are few effective working days in February, and it is also one of the main reasons why the major economic indicators of January-February have dropped significantly year-on-year.




Quanzhou YueLi Automation Equipment co., ltd. was founded in 2013, with strong scientific research and production capacity, since the establishment of the company, committed to the development of stable performance, high efficiency automation equipment, adhering to provide customers with exquisite products and quality after-sales service, to create first-class automation equipment.




The automobile manufacturing industry, which is the most relevant to the machine tool industry, saw a significant drop in production and sales in January-February 2020: 2.048 million vehicles were produced, down 45.8% year-on-year; 2.238 million vehicles were sold, down 42.0% year-on-year. This will have a direct impact on the demand of the machine tool industry in the short term. However, the PMI of the National Bureau of Statistics in March was 52.0, and the Caixin PMI was 50.1, both higher than the gloom line. This shows that everyone is generally optimistic about the Chinese economy in the later period and is full of confidence.




 The epidemic has increased the downward pressure on China's economy, but with the active promotion of various support and rescue policies of the national and local governments, with the effective control of the domestic epidemic and the orderly recovery of production and life, the machine tool industry will gradually return to normal run.

It is hoped that industry enterprises can make full use of the policies issued by governments at all levels, turn pressure into motivation, turn crises into opportunities, overcome immediate difficulties, and actively respond to the impact and impact of the epidemic on the operation of enterprises.